What Is Horse Race Betting: Know It Here

Betting on horse race has continued for many years. You can place any number of bets on each horse race. Win bets, place bets and show bets are the most common types. Win bets include horses booked to win the match, place bets are something which are placed on horses that finish in the first and second place. Show bets are the bets on horses booked to appear among top three. Payouts on win bets are always higher than the other two types of bets. Horse racing betting has been a favorite time pass for many people since centuries.

The order in which horses can finish the race are another common type of betting. This is called as exotic betting. There are four types of betting in this category and they are trifecta, superfecta and quinella. The last one includes horses that finish the race in first two places, regardless of the order. Trifecta bet involves choosing the horses which finish the race in frist three events in finishing order. The most difficult one is superfecta, which always involves first four horses and they have large amount of payouts.

Triple Crown Betting: Triple crown races are the most popular events for horse racing. Triple crown racing includes Belmont stakes races, Kentucky Derby and Preakness. At present, Kentucky Derby has become the most important event in North America.

Online Betting: Online betting on horse race allows you to bet on most popular triple crows horse races, it also allows other online horse races from many other popular racing tracks. Many popular online sports books run their site on an individual section for racebook, which is ideal many fans of horse racing betting. If you are one among them then what are you waiting for?