How to take benefits of lie tests?

EPPA or Employee Polygraph Protection Act prohibits employers from utilizing any kind of lie detector test Manchester during employing process for screening, or during course of employment of an employee. If prompted to take test, an employee might exercise their right to reject that request of taking test, and employer can’t discipline, discriminate or discharge them as of their decision.

What’s a Polygraph Test?

A polygraph test is actually a kind of lie detector test Manchester that monitors changes in respiratory, cardiovascular and electro dermal patterns of a person. Other types of lie detector tests comprise: voice stress analyzers, deceptographs, and psychological stress evaluators.


  • Under EPPA, employers are strongly prohibited from all of following:
  • Coercing or requiring an employee or potential employee to undergo any sort of lie detector test manchester
  • Inquiring about results of any beforehand taken lie detector test
  • Threatening, disciplining, discriminating or terminating an employee based on the refusal to submit to lie detector test, results of such test, or for testifying or filing a complaint in court about an employer’s violation of EPPA.Additionally, employers are needed to post information regarding EPPA at their workplace.

lie detector test sheffieldExceptions

There’re few exceptions to EPPA. For instance, all state, federal and local governments are exempted, because of the weightiness of government occupations. Moreover, there’re few exceptions within private sector. Polygraph tests such as lie detector test Manchester might be administered in following cases:

  • If an employee is supposed of participating in any kind of illegal activities at work, for instance larceny
  • When a potential employee is applying for a particular position which affects safety and health, currency in America or national security
  • When potential employees are applying for a particular position in pharmaceutical industry, as their job would grant them access to lots of controlled substances
  • In exempted cases, conduction of tests is subject to very strict standards.


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