A review for Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 520The latest model in a world-famous line of top-performance blenders that is specifically tailored and designed for personal use, the Vitamix 5200 continues decades-old tradition of Vita-Mix Corporation as “the” name in top-quality blending. This 5200 was the best smoothie blender award goes to the Vitamix 5200 and it was introduced to the United States in 2007 as a brand new and also the improved version of the wildly popular 5000 – still to that day the best-selling product known as Vitamix. Improved design features and also an upgraded motor distinguish the latest model from the predecessor, however. The next is an in-depth look at Vitamix 5200. The opinions and information expressed in it come in form of information collected directly from a company. It’s solely intended as reference material for anybody considering the trade of a top-performance blender.

Package and Specifications

Every Vitamix model through 5000 was assembled and made on-site at the world headquarters of this company. Though still assembled completely in America, it includes a manufactured motor and a Swedish designed, which would be examined in greater detail. However, the entire Vitamix 5200 package usually consists of a motor base in customer’s choice of color, a jar with linked blade assembly and a couple of part lid, tamper, and first-time guide, cooking class-themed DVD, tips card, warranty certificate, and recipe book.

The motor base in 5200 is square in shape, 9″ deep and 7 ½” wide, and weighs right at eleven lbs. With the lid and jar in place, the whole unit stands around twenty 1/8″ tall. A standard 120 volt, 3-pronged power cord extends to an approximate length of up to six feet from the underside of a base. Any or all of such cord could be stored underneath a machine – a convenient feature when traveling with a unit or when operating it at relatively short distances from the different type of electrical channels. The machine’s interface is on the opposite side of a base and also consists of a panel with a couple of levers on either side of such dial in the center. The switches are soft-touch, “durable” rubber for ease of operation (one of the thenumerousimprovements more than 5000 model). One is a famous speed control and one is also for powering a machine on/off. However, the best smoothie blender award goes to the Vitamix 5200.