A few logical arguments for God’s existence

.In the first place, there might be a question in almost every next person, is God real, or it is just a creation from the mind of people. At the same time, people in majority believe that there must be a designer for everything in the world. Let’s try to arrive at some moderate conclusion.

Instant references from the Bible

As a matter of fact, God has told us that he does exist in His Word in the Bible. Read the book from the beginning to the end, the question is God real, is considered to be a patently obvious phenomenon. So, if you are kind of in a rush, here are two references, Exodus 3:14 & Genesis 1:1.

God doesn’t need to prove His existence

For your further interest & satisfaction, you can maintain that Benjamin Franklin didn’t feel the need to state that he did exist and that’s why he put down his self-story. In the same way, God doesn’t need to prove, is God real, as he knows he exists.

What does God say in His book?

In his book, he has explained the way leading to a successful life.  We are supposed to follow what Bible reveals us to be wrong and what describes as the right act to do. In fact, we are surrounded by a lot of academic questions leading to some of us to atheism that is a terrible, self-destructive plan, and nothing else.

Read the entire Bible and you will find how to help others and how to lead a life filled with hope and gratefulness to God. That’s the actual way of living your life. The Bile with life turning power, the immortality, and the wonders really beggars belief. The next form God left signs of His presence is nothing else but Jesus Christ and it is clearly mentioned in John 14:6-11.